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What is Easy Camping with FestiTent?

Tired of wrestling with tent ropes and dragging heavy camping gear to festivals? We get it. Not everyone's a camping pro. That's why FestiTent has your back:

No more dragging heavy camping gear

Easy check-in for your ready-to-use accommodation

No more fighting for a good camping spot

Relax at your reserved premium camping spot

No more losing precious time at the festival

Enjoy your festival immediately

FestiTent's Easy Camping is your shortcut to a hassle-free festival stay. No tent drama, just show up, check-in effortlessly, and soak in the festival vibes with our pre-pitched FestiTents. Book now and Enjoy that Lazy is the new Cool!

Easy & effortless accommodations

With FestiTent, you can sleep at a festival campsite in a pre-set-up tent. It’s camping without the hassle of bringing your own tent and camping gear. Just bring your festival essentials and walk carefree with the minimum amount of luggage. You just check in & chill out. It’s really that Easy!

Relax, you're
ready & set to go

Chuck your luggage in the tent, take a sip of your drink and Relax. We’ll make sure your accommodation is ready when you arrive.

Excellent 24h
guest support

You are our headliner! No matter what time it is, our FestiTent Hosts always stay awake just to make sure you sleep better.

sustainable &
ecological philosophy

Our own designed FestiTents and Festipis are neatly dismantled, cleaned and reused after the festival.

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